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Where to Report Matters Other Than Fraud, Waste, or Abuse

The OIG responds to specific allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse by BART employees and those who do business with BART. We only investigate other improper activities or personnel issues if they have a component of fraud, waste, or abuse. Please review the definitions and examples of fraud, waste, and abuse above to determine if the OIG is the appropriate venue for reporting your complaint. Complaints that fall outside those definitions will be referred to the appropriate BART department or outside agency for review and resolution. For example, we do not investigate general management issues, such as a complaint from an employee who is simply dissatisfied with a supervisor, work assignment, or management decision. We also do not investigate personnel issues, such as performance ratings, suspensions, demotions, or grievances. For issues unrelated to fraud, waste, or abuse, we encourage you to contact the appropriate office listed on BART’s contact page.

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