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Investigation Reports 2022

November 4, 2022: BART Manager Did Not Commit Overtime Abuse 
November 4, 2022: District Followed Procedure & Law in Imposing Discipline 
September 1, 2022: Union Obstruction Prevented Investigation 
July 8, 2022: BART Used Federal Funding as Allowed 
July 8, 2022: End of Shift Timekeeping Requires Clarification and Better Transparency 
July 8, 2022: Questionable Credit Card Purchases by BART Employee 
July 8, 2022: Workplan Selection Process Gives Appearance That Favored Firms Could Receive Unfair Advantage 
April 8, 2022: Summary of Time Thefts Investigations 
April 8, 2022: Potential Conflict of Interest May Require Voiding a $40 Million Construction Management Contract and Not Paying $5.4 Million of Invoices 


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