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BART OIG Snapshot | Volume 01 | Issue 02

I'm pleased to share the latest snapshot of the BART Office of the Inspector General's (OIG) activities from January 1 to March 31, 2024.


We've been focused on managing a heavy caseload, addressing various allegations, including contractor fraud and false workers' compensation claims. We've successfully completed investigations into time theft, nepotism, and consultant misconduct, with management agreeing to all recommendations.


Our span of control audit by Tap International has provided valuable insights for aligning staffing with BART's objectives. We've begun work on our FY24-26 Audit Plan and initiated audits on overtime use, Link21 spending, and construction contract change orders.


Our efforts reflect our commitment to adding value and enhancing BART's operations. We've achieved 100% acceptance of our recommendations and continue to promptly review whistleblower complaints.


We're making strides in setting up the OIG for success, including discussions on the OIG Charter and welcoming new hires.

BART OIG Snapshot Volume 01 Issue 02.pdf

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Claudette Biemeret
Inspector General
Phone: 510-464-6141


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